How To Take Care of Your Clutch

//How To Take Care of Your Clutch

How To Take Care of Your Clutch

The clutch is a car part that is used every time you drive. If you had to focus on how often you use it you would be surprised. Every move you make involves the use of this integral car part. There are various ways that you can care for the clutch so that it can last for a longer period.

Here are a few ways you can take care of your clutch.

Whenever you pull away and accelerate the vehicle, you have to use the clutch. You need to ensure that your clutch is pressed all the way in, to not wear them out. You activate the motion of the car using these steps. Firstly, depress the clutch pedal, place the car into first gear then apply gentle pressure to the accelerator pedal while gently releasing the clutch until the car moves forward. At this point where the car is already in motion, many people tend to still hold their foot on the pedal. Let go of the pedal. When you continue to hold your foot and activate the clutch this action can wear out the clutch quicker which will lead to the need to replace it sooner as opposed to later.

While driving and gaining speed you have to change gears regularly for a smooth driving experience. Each time you change the gears you have to use the clutch. Be aware of how you perform this action. Again, release once the gear is changed and don’t hold your foot on the clutch even if it is at halfway depressed. This can cause it to wear out quicker than you intend.

While on the driving topic, many people also use the clutch when they apply the brake just to slow down a little but you don’t have to use it at all. For example, if you’re driving on the highway and you notice that the car is accelerating a little above the speed limit and you want curb this speed, you would instinctively apply the brakes. You can gently apply the brake to slow the car down only a little bit. For this action, you don’t need the clutch at all. That is a good way to spare them.

When bringing the car to a stop you may use the clutch too. But you only need it to take the car out of gear. If the gears are in neutral position then you don’t need to use the clutch pedal when you want to bring the car to a stop. That’s right, you don’t have to use it when you use the brake while the car is in neutral position.

These tips will allow you to extend the lifespan of the clutch kit on your car so that you can save costs in the long run. But when the kit does eventually give in to normal wear it is advisable to take your car to an accredited clutch fitment centre. This way you can have a quality kit installed professionally so that you can enjoy another few thousand happy miles.

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